recent updates to the Anton Spath story:

In January 2010, we visited the grave of F. Clyde Helms and Marie Antoinette Anthon Helms in Columbia, SC. We found a church book with information about Rev. Clyde and his family. The Helms part of the Spath family tree was revised after our visit.

In December 2009, I visited Jim Anthon at Brightview Assisted Living. Jim is a great grandson of Anton Spath. The Anthon part of the Spath family tree was revised after talking to Jim Anthon.

Walter Frederick Spath IV was born on October 8, 2009 and is listed on the Spath family tree.

1909 Baltimore American article about Anton's strawberries.

In February 2009, Sue and I visited Dan Spath at Time and Treasures, a clock repair shop. Dan's father and grandfather traveled to the USA in 1910 with Anton Spath. Dan's great-grandfather Johannes was Anton's brother.

After the death of Anna Maria, Anton Spath had a second wife named Magnalena. She died in 1900 and Anton married Augusta in January 1901.

The Anton Spath story tells about the Spaths in Baltimore. Anton was my grandfather's grandfather.

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